Installation of new Plants and Repair


n accordance to manufacturers´ and the classification society´s stipulated technical standards, we and the shipyard

  • carry out required installations
  • perform and test newly manufactured state-of-the art propeller systems.

Core activities include

  • precautionary maintenance,
  • overhauls after long-service life and
  • major repairs caused by breakdowns or accidents.

We, at PSB also carry out component machining of

  • propeller hubs,
  • shafts, couplings and
  • bearings

To facilitate our customer´s next service planning, it´s technical department is continuously informed about the

  • before and after-repair conditions,
  • work sequences,
  • spare-parts usage and
  • operation data during testing phases.
Voll-Voraus Stellung zweier Propeller
Zwei sichtbare Propeller unter einem Schiff

As travelling makes up an essential part of our activities, we at PSB ensure professionalism to planning in order to be in the right place at the right time.

May it be near deployments or overseas assignments, trouble-free, proactive and timely deployment planning are prerequisites for cost efficiency (e.g. car rentals, flight tickets, hotel reservations or obtaining visas etc.).

Through our lean, flexible organisation and by liaising closely with our customer´s technical department and vessel agent allow us to cope with delays and cancellations easily.

To ensure and upgrade staff competencies, we at PSB

  • attend periodical in-house courses
  • participate in specialized training
  • support employees´ English language enhancement

When it comes to gaining know-how at first hand, particularly on new product designs or techniques, taking part in theoretical and practice-orientated courses at our manufacturer is mandatory.

In order to meet PSB´s professional standards, new recruits supervised by our experienced service technicians undergo a 12 month on-site training.

Monteurschulung in unseren Büroräumen